Canada's New Food Guide - #myhealthyplate

January 31, 2019

So in January 22nd of 2019, Canada created their new food guide. A much needed update!

Now you can find all the details here, but I am going to summarize a few main points below:



This is their new visual below. Now there has been some backlash about this visual. Some sad looking peas, unappetizing grains and some dried out proteins don't really scream - EAT ME! 


This is just a visual though - it's here to help us understand what we should be eating from each food group.




Now these guidelines can become a bit overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with cooking, healthy foods, or if you eat out often. Here are some of the questions being asked:


What is quinoa? How do I cook it?


Will 4 spinach leaves be enough? 


Plants have protein?


Do I need to eat a fruit at every meal?


Starting today I am going to be starting a #myhealthyplate challenge


I am challenging you to use Canada's New Food Guide to create your own #myhealthyplate for ONE of your daily meals


Every few days I will post a #myhealthyplate recipe to help guide you on building your own plate. I will be using Canada's New Food Guide so you can see what your plates should look like. I'll focus on food groups, affordability and meal prep!


So keep a look out for more blog posts to come!




#myhealthyplate - GREEN FALAFEL BOWL













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